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CDTS Oracle database management team will direct you through key activities and routine administration. Continually guaranteeing the inflexibility of basic systems isn't bargained and conveys the most effective turnout. We’ve set standard process (SOP) for taking care of the client problems and set the acceleration chain of importance. We have a tendency to do the proactive database checks and perform exercises as database observation, space administration, scope organization, client problems taking care of, bug subsiding, trouble modification usage.

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E-BUSINESS Consulting & support

CDTS Oracle E-Business Suite database administrators have generous involvement in R12 that extends to one of the most important executions on the world. We tend to offer an industry-driving group of Oracle EBS database administrator to assist clients with all DBA needs. Our master Oracle E-Business DBA team has bolstered an intensive type of monumental and tiny operations at some point of their career, allowing them to share and apply their exclusive expertise and learning over our whole client base.

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