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01About us

CDTS Chennai Technologies is a world technology enabled services firm that offers revolutionary and creative technology solutions. CDTS moreover presents the trendy services for developing high performing, Next-Gen based web and mobile experiences as well as possessing the capabilities to deliver probably the most robust and elaborate enterprise-level cloud operations management, integration, big data and business intelligence solutions available on the market.

Within the dynamic industry world, the advertising and marketing capabilities, product or service enhancements for resolving customer's key problems together with operational overheads continue growing in any size of business environments. The top administration would face these world dynamical challenges, intend to handle them confidently and consistently working to enhance their business progress with scalability for attaining profitable financial returns.

So, the IT Investments on Hardware & Software should observe the maximum potential from latest Technology by adapting and developing a reliable & efficient IT infrastructure. Our complete database solutions and supporting services enable to obtain this goal by planning architecting our finest cost effective solution based on your budget and business standards.

Most significantly, CDTS is dedicated to provide most reliable database solutions, cost effective plans to suit every budget without compromising your business operational requisites and prevent over architected expensive database infrastructure options.

The database efficiency be business performance and database consulting offerings from CDTS strengthen your corporation efficiency. Any database associated requests, services, projects related to your essential IT application requirements. CDTS is relied on, best service partner.

02Our mission

As a company, we've made it our mission to create powerful effects for our people, clients, and communities. This implies solving some of the most advanced and exciting business challenges our clients are dealing with right now. This method helps them get products to market quickly and building relationships with their consumers. Outcomes like these are built into who we are and how we work.

We integrate all relevant data and systems into robust analytics strategies, creating a 360-degree view of business relationships and key performance metrics. CDTS Chennai technologies will aid our clients, peoples, tactics and technologies adapt to grasp the challenges and possibilities of a data-driven world.

03Core Values

We consider and adapt these values for reaching our vision and mission during this business journey.

  • Professionalism
  • Dedication
  • Reliability
  • Business Ethics
  • Team work

04How we work