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CDTS-Next gen of Website Application Development Company

Whether it's concerning web Applications (saas, paas), website design & Development, ecommerce Solutions and CMS, we offer end-to-end services across the whole web domain. With large data across multiple industries we provide a wide type of web-based solutions within the latest and most innovative technologies & most significantly with great UI designs.

CDTS offers in-depth experience in javascript and javascript-powered frameworks to make outstanding dynamic web apps. Begin delivering next-generation user expertise to your buyers and watch however standard web presence transforms into a contemporary digital marketing instrument increasing the bottom line.

CDTS incorporates a passion to assist the clients leverage the complete potential of the latest technologies. Following the modern trend in web application design and development, that reflects the users’ expectations of a smooth, eye-catchy, quick and responsive application, CDTS builds smart single-page apps (spas) with real-time, two-way connections and dynamic content upload enabled by the user-friendly javascript.

CDTS Technologies combines

CDTS Remote DBA for MongoDB services are offered to organizations worldwide, whether running their servers on premise or within the cloud. We tend to work with you to craft a solution that uniquely meets your precise necessities.

CDTS Complete, technically deep, operationally sound MongoDB support.

  • Application Administration
  • Profiling System
  • Security Management (Typically done at the OS level)
  • Configuring Authentication Methods (ie Kerberos)
  • Code/Framework review
  • Index Management
  • Moving Data into RAM
  • Compacting Data
  • Moving Collections and Data
  • Backups
  • RAID Management

Mobile App Development

Developing Mobile Apps that Stand Out

Providing end-to-end mobile app development ranging from making a mobile strategy to application design and development, backend & REST APIs for testing, deployment & maintenance, we tend to adhere to world standards and methodology to deliver you with high-quality mobile applications. While we develop native apps in iOS and Android, we tend to additionally offer hybrid based solutions mostly using Angularjs, Ionic Cordova, firebase and different technologies likewise.

Responsive WebDesign

Next-gen business demands Simple, Smart and Mobile-Friendly Websites that match Mobile & tablet screens. So, to assist you build traffic, improve on-line presence & boost conversions rates, hire a smart responsive web design service that caters with all Google algorithms tweaks.

Smartphones, tablets or desktops, have multiple screen sizes, however guess what, all user views the same content of a specific website on completely different devices. What makes it possible? Well, all of them have gone responsive.

With Flash turning into obsolete, web is approaching towards a typical driven web development that uses HTML5 and CSS3.

Responsive website is simple, clean, uses single URL, single content, and one HTML code to optimize a website consistent with the screen size and backbone. (A Google recommended Feature.)

Design and development goes hand in hand – be it a mobile or desktop, responsive style enable an internet site to appear seamlessly on any platform and unifies the content at one place. Contrary to the other responsive web designing company that upgrades user-experience CDTS additionally takes care that your website provides a seamless web browsing expertise. Team CDTS uses set of tools and technology like media queries, flexible grid-based layouts and use of flexible pictures & media to create websites a lot of accessible. To offer smoother responsive website development service, we've well trained web designers with progressive technologies to create websites easy, clean, smart and quickly.

CDTS Support & Maintenance

All our clients’ websites and on-line systems associate with full dedicated support.

Your dedicated account manager is charged with full responsibility for your website, from development, through testing to on-going support once your website has been placed in live operation, thus you recognize that once you contact us for help – you're continually speaking to the right person.

Our flexible Basic Support & Maintenance Agreements make sure that we will meet the support requirements of our clients from massive corporate sites, information portals and advanced e-commerce solutions to the tiniest business sites.