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MongoDB is the database for today's trendy applications: innovative, quick time-to-market, globally scalable, reliable, and inexpensive to work. With MongoDB, you'll build applications that were never attainable with traditional relational databases.

Excellent MongoDB database administrators (DBAs) are exhausting to seek out. At CDTS, we've lots of them.

If you’ve never used MongoDB before however are used to traditional relational database technologies, MongoDB may be a challenge: cluster and replication are inherent and work brilliantly. But, without schemas and many of the tuning mechanisms available in Oracle, SQL Server, or even open source MySQL, the role of the DBA can be confusing. What is required for a successful MongoDB implementation?.

CDTS Remote DBA MongoDB services provide comprehensive, continuous remote administration of your most crucial databases. We offer architecture and design recommendation, project help and outsourcing, database tuning and performance optimisation and 24x7 monitoring and alert response tailored to your specific environment. These services are performed on your behalf by the industry’s leading team of DBAs and data performance specialists.

Optimization for Achievement

As data becomes a lot of important part of success, businesses are finding that top performance databases are exhausting to make and keep tuned as necessities modification. Additionally, MongoDB DBAs are exhausting to find—and even harder to keep. With CDTS Remote DBA for MongoDB, despite however huge your website or embedded applications of what your price purpose is, you'll make sure that your database environment is totally optimized, continuously available, and supported by the foremost trusty team of developers and DBAs within the business.

CDTS Remote DBA for MongoDB services are offered to organizations worldwide, whether running their servers on premise or within the cloud. We tend to work with you to craft a solution that uniquely meets your precise necessities.

CDTS Complete, technically deep, operationally sound MongoDB support.

  • Application Administration
  • Profiling System
  • Security Management (Typically done at the OS level)
  • Configuring Authentication Methods (ie Kerberos)
  • Code/Framework review
  • Index Management
  • Moving Data into RAM
  • Compacting Data
  • Moving Collections and Data
  • Backups
  • RAID Management

MongoDB Offerings

CDTS MongoDB Consulting:
CDTS Field specialists full-fledged in client engagements and achieving winning results.

CDTS MongoDB Implementation:
Deploy and successfully run the database at client location without intrusive with any projects under work.

CDTS MongoDB Support Service:
Our 24 / 7 service team of professional MongoDB consultants facilitate in partitioning any problems with post database deployment.

CDTS Support Services are extended to present you

CDTS Product Support:
Provide complete support for any apps concerned throughout customization and integration with MongoDB.

CDTS Application Support:
Restoration of database while maintaining security and any debugging operations required database support.

CDTS Database Support:
24x7 monitoring and response to correct performance, availability, and critical security issues that may occur on your database servers.

CDTS All time Production Support:
24 / 7 support by service specialists throughout development of the application. Includes system monitoring, improvement and bug fixing.