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CDTS Educational Institution Management Software (EIMS) Services

CDTS Chennai Technologies offer an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System that integrates all data and processes of an educational institution into a unified system. It is a management software for comprehensive educational information used by universities, colleges, schools and other educational institutions to optimize their entire organization and operation. It provides technology solutions for better education management, thereby leveraging IT for efficient management of educational institutions.

The administration of educational institutions may be a powerful and hard one. It involves the aggregation, storing and sharing of mounds of data that may be an effortful and tedious task. It’s additionally time intense and liable to human errors once it's done manually. Worse still, retrieving a selected data will be a reasonably taxing thing.

CDTS has developed an integrated solution for complete computerization for educational institutions, repose on the foremost futuristic and extremely sophisticated Javascript framework, denoted as EIMS - Educational Institutes Management System is multilingual ERP software.

Since, this an incorporated, user configurable and dynamic software solution, it facilitate institutions to induce the wide range elaborated and summarized information of administrative and academic nature, completely different forms needed at different level of the organizational hierarchy and for alternative interested parties like Students, parents and different Organizations.

EIMS Features

The distinctive features of EIMS that build it a pretty proposition for users within the utilities sector is
  • Only basic knowledge of computers is needed for operation of EIMS. Because it has user-friendly application interface.
  • EIMS is Customizable and User Configurable.
  • An intrinsical Settings module makes EIMS flexibility to cater to various organizational wants. It is built on Javascript framework - one of the foremost latest and future technologies within the field of information technology that causes you to a forerunner within the world of information technology.
  • EIMS brings data to the user's desktop through integration across all modules.
  • EIMS is a multi-user system. EIMS has privileges for users controlled by the administrator for multi-level access control security system.
  • EIMS has pre-defined reports. These are used for customary reporting as well as Student & teacher development purpose. In addition EIMS will be simply customized for their own customized reports.

CDTS Major Modules for educational Institutes Management System
  • Student information management system.
  • Fees Management system.
  • Staff Management System.
  • Payroll Management System.
  • Complete Accounts Management System.
  • SMS integration for sending varied SMS alerts.

CDTS EIMS 24/7 Technical Support

We are extraordinarily focused on the client to help our customers 24/7. We provide the highest level of technical support to use communication systems world class.