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For any organization, systematic payroll management is very important for smooth functioning. Payroll management is a tiresome job since it involves complex statutory taxation legislations.

Our payroll management system makes the whole process easy and saves time involved in registrations and making reports, so that you can concentrate more on your core business growth areas. Manually handling huge data is time consuming and tedious. Errors and data mishandling may occur due to human carelessness.

Our payroll management solution is absolutely efficient and minimizes the administration time. Accuracy is assured in each and every step, the highlight of our service is easy to handle and at the same time available in affordable pricing.

CDTS is the most leading and trusted payroll management services company in the industry. We carry out different payroll management activities for organizations like:

  • Employee Salary Processing
  • Employee Monthly Salary Report
  • Employee Salary calculations and Tax deductions
  • Employee leaves info and salary deductions
  • Employee pay scale and Increment information
  • Employee attendance maintenance and Employer contribution
  • Create and maintain Pay slips

Advantages of the Outsourcing Payroll Management System

  • Gives more time to focus on your core business growth activities.
  • Gives access to updated technology and easy to perform.
  • Reduces risk due to human error, unnecessary cost and resources.